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Where Does Deer Antler Spray Come From?

deer antler velvet spray

That’s some good looking velvet there, Bucky!

Good question. Deer antler spray is derived from the antler velvet from young red deer, most commonly produced in New Zealand. The velvet is the “fuzzy” stuff you see on all the fresh antlers. It usually wears off in nature by fall, as the young bucks rub their racks on anything that relieves that itch.

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antler spray uses high-quality deer antler velvet as the main ingredient. Deer antler velvet extract comes from the hardened antlers found on deer, elk, and other species of animals in the moose family. When a deer’s antlers are about two thirds of its full size, they are cut before the antlers reach a stage of full calcification. The antlers are then ground up into powder form, which can then be processed into a capsule, liquid, or a liquid spray.

Some animal rights’ groups have expressed outrage over the removal of deer antlers. However, deer farms use professionals to remove the antlers and no harm is caused to the deer during the removal of the antlers. Deer antlers do grow back and would fall off if they reached a stage of full calcification anyways.

What Makes Deer Velvet So Special?

Deer antler extract, also known as deer antler velvet is primarily used to obtain one ingredient: IGF-1. IGF-1 stands for “insulin growth hormone-1”, which is responsible for the development of muscles as well as the growth and strengthening of the bones.

Deer antler extract also has numerous other benefits including:

  • Improved memory and brain function
  • Increased energy, stamina, and endurance
  • Promotes quicker strength and muscle gains
  • Normalizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels
  • Shortens recovery time for muscles from intense training or injury
  • Relives joint pain and prevents inflammation of joints

The best part about deer antler velvet is that there are no major side effects. In fact, for men the product is completely safe, regardless of age. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not recommended to consume deer antler extract, nor are women who have hormone-sensitive health problems such as ovarian or breast cancer. Otherwise, deer velvet is safe for women to take.

In terms of deer antler spray, there are still no side effects. If you end up buying a low quality deer antler spray, you might notice a poor aftertaste, but we will discuss a high quality deer antler spray later anyways to prevent this from happening to you.

What Is Deer Antler Spray?

Deer antler spray is a health supplement commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve athletic performance and develop and strength muscles faster. Deer antler supplements have been around for many years, but deer antler spray is the newest form of deer antler.

Deer Antler Spray vs. Other Forms of Deer Antler

As mentioned before, deer antler spray is the most commonly used form of deer antler extract. However, it is not the only form of deer antler velvet on the market. There are three other common forms including capsule, liquid, and powder.

Capsule form is the second most common form of deer velvet used. Athletes and bodybuilders cite the quick and painless procedure as a main reason why they choose capsule form. However, capsule form does have one disadvantage. The stomach takes longer to digest the capsule and release IGF-1 into the bloodstream. Therefore, you do not experience the quick effects of deer velvet as you would with deer antler spray.

Powder form is the third form of deer velvet. It is not as widely used as other methods, simply because it requires more steps to take it. When using powder form, you have to measure the powder out, mix it with the right amount of water, and then can finally drink the mixture. This is overly complicated and there really is no reason to include other steps when there are far easier and more effective methods to take deer antler extract.

The last form of deer antler velvet is in liquid form. If you are thinking that it is the same form as liquid spray, then you are mistaken. While it is true that yes, both spray and liquid form are actually liquids, liquid form requires direct injection into the bloodstream. This is why it is categorized as a different form.

Obviously, injecting yourself with liquid deer antler extract has its’ own risks. Unless you have some medical background then chances are you do not know the proper steps of injection. Failure to hit your vein perfectly can be painful and can waste valuable deer antler velvet. Plus, if you fail to properly sterilize your needle, you can subject yourself to viruses and bacteria. Many people avoid injection for these reasons.

Based upon everything mentioned above, deer antler spray is by far the best option to take deer antler velvet. Spraying under the tongue will allow the deer velvet extract to quickly enter the bloodstream to give you the effects almost immediately. Plus, deer antler spray takes only a few seconds to administer and only needs to be taken twice a day. These reasons make deer antler spray the ultimate method to take deer velvet.

Best Deer Antler Spray

Now that you know that deer antler spray is the best option, you should know what the best deer antler spray is. Antler-X is the highest rated deer antler spray on the market. Antler-X contains twice the amount of deer velvet as other deer antler sprays as well as many other ingredients proven to stimulate muscle development and improve athletic performance. Antler-X has no side effects and does not possess side effects.

Antler-X will provide you with the huge, sculpted look you have always desired without costing you an arm and a leg. Try Antler-X today!


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